Bare with me!

So, yes, I know my posts are quite hectic.  They are messy and they are rushed, and it shows.

On any given day, I have approximately 5-7 minutes to write a post.  My husband, the wonderful, amazing creature that he is, seems to believe that this is enough time for me to write a perfectly perfect post, publish, AND lotion and clothes the little heathens after he has showered them in what I can only assume is a race for the world’s Fastest Showers in History.

Well, that’s my reasoning, or excuse, whatever you’d like to call it.  In the few minutes it took me to write this I have stopped 3 times because the one year old cannot go more than 1 unsupervised minutes without walking into door frames. I do mean that literally.  She is currently sporting a welt on her forehead and cheekbone.  Earlier, her brother convinced her it was okay to get on the bed, which she promptly rolled off of….over his legs….while trying to reach a hackey sack that was on the ground. So again, yes, I know these are scattered.  I know they may not even make sense at times.  But I’m trying.  I swear to you I am trying.  And I will get better if I have to be up at 3:30 am to proof read it all.

Alas, the creatures that live here are demanding food, and since it’s all cooked and ready on the table, I’m assuming they think that means it’s time to eat. Until next time, nerds.

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