Literacy rules

All day , every day, it seems we have someone else’s agendas shoved down our throats.  Someone else’s religion, another person’s politics, then this person butts in with their Just Cause…’s exhausting and I can’t even keep up with what my family believes in anymore, let alone what all my “friends” believe.

So to escape, there are books.  So many books, and as a parent of two under 4, there certainly is not enough time to flip through them all.  So to say that I have a strict vetting system is to be quite obvious.  They can’t cost too much, because apparently we have bills to pay, or whatever. They can’t be too juvenile, because I am 31 now and some of the teenage whining is just too much, even for me.  They can’t have trolls.  I don’t know what it is, but something about trolls just seems like a cop out to me.  It’s way too childish.  Yes, I read about vampires, werewolves, and Fae.  A witch or two. Dystopian, even .  But nope, the only author I allowed to have trolls was Chanda Hahn, and that’s simply because she had me hook, line, and sinker long before she brought out the troll. I mean Jerad? Come on, he was pretty great.

So anyway, I figured if I could be of no other use at the moment, I could help with some book selections.  As per my previous post, I obviously love the Throne of Glass collection.  It’s a series I can read over and over when I’m in the mood for serious sass, daggers, and magic.  It’s quite an extensive read, so I need time to dedicate to it, which usually means I have a few weeks between anticipated book releases.

“Ghost Bird” and “Scarab Beetle” are a couple other series I can re-read time and again. However, for these, I have to have a little more time, as they are more like Halloween candy.  I can race through them like water and it becomes ALL. I. Think. About.  Unfortunately, I’ve hit a wall on both these series as we are waiting for the next book in both.  Warning, if the thought of polyamorous relationships makes your stomach turn, best to steer clear of these books. But I’m telling you, you’re missing out on a lot of cute, and a whole lot of feel goods and “Oh holy gargoyles, what the fresh hell is this?” exclamations.

There are a few books I’ve tried here and there that just don’t grab me.  I try to wait it out, I wait for the plot, or the characters to gain some layers, or possibly even an interesting beheading.  Sometimes it doesn’t happen, and happily sometimes it does.  The book I am currently reading is called “Jewel”, by Amy Ewing.  I’ve not made it far into the book yet, but like so many like it, entering I felt a little lost. Every character knows what’s going on, but I’ve arrived late to the party and don’t quite know any one yet.  However, the book is one of the rare ones that flows very easily.  We get a good insight  on the main character without it reading like a bio. So far, the premise is that the main character, Violet, has tested positive when she hit puberty for a gene that allows her to bear children.  Her and her family are dirt poor, and live on the edges of the actual society.  There are separate rings to this world, and the inner most are the celebrities.  For whatever reason, the celebrities cannot bear their own children, so they take girls from the poor rings and force them to have their children for them.  So for the past 4 year, Violet, now only known as 197 during the auction for the uber rich folk, has been learning how to harness certain abilities. So far all I’ve been able to glean about these abilities is that these kids are able to manipulate objects.  Such as, changing the shape, color, etc.  She’s been fed, clothed, taught, but also taken completely from her family, only to get to visit them one more time before auction, and I’m assuming to never see them again.  I’m apprehensive on where the story will go from here.  Even after all that has happened to her and her family, Violet is naïve and extremely trusting of those who are carting her away from her family and selling her like cattle to breed for rich folks.  Maybe I’m being overly cynical in my old age, or maybe I don’t want to waste time on another book that’s only going to make me wish the pages would fly by faster.  I guess time will tell.

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