What Age Comes Enlightenment?

*Squeezes bridge of nose between thumb and forefinger*
*Shakes head almost imperceptibly*
*Drops hand and raised head, nostrils flared and eyes bright with determination*
*Takes a deep breath*







Oh Tijan, my Tijan…

Oh, Tijan.

No, not the village.

The author!! The amazing, beautiful story-teller that I willingly sold my soul to for every last book she has written.

She’s one of those authors you just circle back around to, no matter how far you’ve moved away from her.  Her books are captivating and gut-wrenchingly real.  There are scenes that feel so visceral that you may have to set the book aside for a moment…but you always pick it right back up because you just *have* to know what happens next.

I recently started the “Fallen Crest” series again.  When I was wracking my brain, going through the massive catalogue of books I’d read in my brain, this series floated to the top.  I remember the intensity but goofy Logan.  The almost broodish behavior of Mason. But Samantha…I couldn’t pin her down for some reason.  I remember she went through some shit.  I remember I connected with her character on a lot of levels.  I remember thinking she was weak, when she tried to project that she was tough.  But I couldn’t remember where she ended up and whether she found her strength or not.

So, of course, I tracked it down in my iBooks library and began reading again.

This series starts off with “Fallen Crest High”.  We meet our main character, Samantha.  From the get-go, we know she is not the kind of girl to put up with a lot of shit.  She tolerates a lot, but has a few internal lines that she doesn’t allow anyone to cross, even friends she’s had for years.  There’s also a sense of enclosure.  With in the thought process we can witness inside her mind, there’s a sense of being trapped.  Every interaction is surrounded by walls Samantha sets up, refusing to budge for anyone or anything.  The only time she seems to let any of her walls down is when she runs, sometimes for hours on end, and only then to let herself go numb.

We also meet Mason and Logan Kade, two of the town’s celebrities, known for going through women like water and brawls like breakfast cereal.  The girls all want them and the boys just want close to them.  Our first meeting of the brothers shows them almost getting jumped, and instead setting the other guy’s cars on fire.  We also find out through Samantha….her mom just left her dad…for Big Daddy Kade.  Which means those two hunkalicious, intense, probably really crazy juvenile delinquents,   will soon be her step-brothers.

Once Samantha, or Sam as she prefers, and her mother Anelise move into the Kade mansion, the real intensity starts.  There’s open hostility towards her mom (which she tries to care about, but just can’t), absolute disdain for her (when they even acknowledge she’s in the room), AND THEN…..

Sizzling, visceral attraction.  Sam realizes Mason has set his eyes on her, which also means his protection reaches her, even from the walking mental illness that is her mother and the seemingly total abandonment that is her father.

There are more fights than one can count in one book, let alone the whole series.  Some of them make you beam with pride for the strides these characters take for the sake of family.  Other’s make you cringe and have your heart pounding for fear.

Though not to this degree, these books remind me exactly how high school really is.  The dirty, seedy underbelly no one puts in the yearbooks, or talk about in the power point presentations.

Everyone has an agenda.  Everyone has an angle.  Your family will leave you blind sided and bleeding while the people you least expect are the ones to pick you up and hold you until you can mend back together.  Your friends will be the ones to silently slip the knife in, and twist it as they smile, and your enemies are the ones giving you the noble heads up for the betrayal around the corner.

The absolute bones of this series is what the meaning of family really is.

Family is not always blood

Family does not betray you.

Family will always fight you when you are wrong.

Family will always back you up, even while telling you it’s the wrong choice.

Family is usually who you least expect it to be.

But more importantly, family does not keep secrets.

And secrets there are a-plenty in this series.

With so many strong characters and strong personalities showcased, it’s a given there will be tons of conflict and struggle for alpha.  There are also a lot of side stories that Tijan later fleshes out.  There is no stone unturned in this series, or any of her series that I’ve found so far.  Every book she writes has an addictive intensity to it, keeping you constantly needing the next fix.  Her characters are real, the situations are bizarre enough to make total sense in this fucked up world, and the fight for family gives it the feel good that makes you smile.  If you have days on end to dedicate to the best ride of your life, Tijan is your girl.

Lily-R. M. Walker

Ah, reverse harems.  These, my friends, are my absolute favorite stories.


My obsessions with reverse harems started, of course, with C. L. Stone and the Ghost Bird series.  Then I went on to enjoy the as of yet to be concluded Scarab Beetle series.  Now, it’s something I actively seek out in looking for new books/series.


I know this type of story is not for everyone, and that’s okay.  That’s perfectly fine.  But please, don’t be that shitty person who calls it names, puts down people in polyamorous relationships, or acts closed minded about these types of books.  It’s 2017.  Grow up a little.


Now that that’s out of the way, let talk about this series!  So far there are two book in the series, with a third working title already revealed.

The first book in the series is “Lily”.  We meet our main girl, Lily, as she enters another new school.  Through her inner monologue we learn that she has moved at least once a year, never making real friends or really having any type of relationship outside the one she has with her mom.

Lily is immediately drawn to a group of four boys.  These boys are good looking, funny, yet also seems to be on the fringe of the school social scene.  They are a tight knit group that other’s are jealous of, so of course, it being high school and all, they have to make fun of them and call them “freaks”.

Lily is immediately let into the group when they approach her, and she has a seizure in front of them, and the entire school.  Seizures are not uncommon for her, and are in fact a contributing factor to her not making any lasting relationships.  What is strange, however, it how the seizures change since moving to the new locations and meeting the boys.  What starts out as a seizure with strange noises and motions of color, begins to suddenly become people and scenes.

Lily and her boys are thrown into chaos where they must learn to rely on each other and their own instincts.  With Fae, witches, seers, and Councils formerly thought to be disbanded, everyone has a secret to hide and eventually it all comes to light.

I immensely enjoyed the first book, was mildly impressed with the second, and biting my nails waiting for the third.  While the main female character seems to have a lot of weakness showcased, relying time after time for the boys to save her or fix her issues, I really feel like the third book will be when we see what kind of badass she can be.  The cards seem to be all out on the table, and now it’s just waiting to see what she will do with it all.



Keatyn Chronicles

I stumbled upon this book series a few years ago while looking for free books in iBooks.  This way of finding new series is, obviously, very hit and miss.  Sometimes I get books that are hard to finish, sometimes they capture me, but the feeling is fleeting.  Then other times, I spend way more than budgeted buying the entire series with in a week and being irritated when I have to put the books down and do, you know, adult stuff, or whatever.

This series….oh man, oh man, it grabbed my by the brain and the heart and drug me along for the best ride I had been on in a while.

The original series has seven books.  If you feel like you’ve just had enough after the seven books (which I doubt, but whatever), you *can* stop there and be (mostly) satisfied with the way things end.  I was not. I cannot express how happy I was when I went back to read this series again, for old time’s sake, and saw there are even more additions in a spin-off series, staring all the favorite characters, and then some!! I might have actually squealed.

Okay, fine. I squealed.

So what about this book is oh, so ah-mazing? Freaking everything!

The first book starts by introducing us to the life and times of one Miss Keatyn Douglas.  Her mom is a famous actress who got her start in a campy slasher movie.  Her step-dad, and father of her little sisters, is a famous actor in action movies, and a well known lover (think George Clooney, but younger). Her best friends are everything from Queen Bee’s to child movie stars to chill surfers.  From the very beginning we get to see Keatyn’s weakness….her inability to figure out where she fits in.  She loves the spotlight and all things Free People and Vuitton.  She also loves waking up at sunset and showing the local boys how to shred a wave. She likes being popular, but hates the meaness involved.

Through all this, she hides her desire to act. Through this weakness of not wanting to embarrass her mom or step-dad, a stalker finds his way in.

And then shit gets really real.

Keatyn has to make a decision that doesn’t only change her path in life, but also the lives of everyone around her, including her adorable little sisters, who have become the target in a sick game her stalker is now creating.

This story successfully weaves the reader through high school drama, what it means to be true to yourself, and whether chance or fate has a say in where we end up.  Every subject matter important to a young adult is discussed or touched on in one way or the other, and the bottom line is always, be yourself and be happy.

This series is one I have read more than once, and I fully intend to read it a hundred times more.

Bookish Questions, Pt. 2

6. What book/s can you not live without? Weelllll, we’ve recently established I love HP and C L Stone, so those books, of course.  But I must admit I also quite like Throne of Glass. Oh, have I mentioned that? My bad.  I know a lot of people answer things like Shakespeare, or some such similar…and truth be told, I love the classics.  But I also recognize, a lot of what I read now is retelling, or modern telling, of those same classics. That’s why they are classics to begin with.  Delving into human psyche, revealing things we really want but don’t want to say or admit, revenge and betrayal and loyalty…

7. What  book/s that you rave about? So, if I love a book, or can’t live without it, I’m going to rave about it….next!

8. An author/s that you dislike/hate?  I, uh, well…..um.  I haven’t found one I hate, unless it would be Hitler for “Mein Kampf”…but even that has historical significance that we absolutely cannot ignore.  Every author has a story to tell.  Maybe some can’t tell it as well as others, or maybe their story telling doesn’t mesh well with my story listening.  But to say I dislike or hate an author? I’ve not found one yet, because all stories have significance in my opinion.

9. An author/s you like/love?  Well, J. K. Rowling, of course.  Then C L Stone, obviously.  Sarah J Maas.  I do love a Shakespearian story.  Also, George Orwell had it going on. If I continue, this list is going to be a mile long…

10. What popular books do you just hate?  I tried Vampire Academy.  I really did.  I read the first 3 books. It’s a “No”, from me.  I also tried the “House of Night” series. My mom recommended them as they are set in our neck of the woods, and well, no one sets anything in Oklahoma unless they are just passing through, so I thought, “Why not?”. Yep, also a “No” from me.  I couldn’t get past how the kids spoke to each other.  I may be in my 30’s, (mid 20’s when I tried reading them), but I do at least know that is not how teenagers speak.  I was offended for the generation below mine. Also, of course, “Twilight”…..I’m sensing a theme here.  I’m very particular about my vampire novels, apparently.    Also, John Greene books.  But not because they are bad, they so are not.  But ugly crying on me is worse than you’ve ever seen on anyone, and he makes me ugly cry every. Friggin. Time.

“Bookish Questions”

Whilst scrolling through Tumblr, I found a post called “Bookish Questions”.  There is something about questions posed that I cannot leave undone. I figured I would break this up in a few different posts, so no one post would be very long.  I have a tendency to babble and go off on tangents, so this seemed the safest route to take…

Here we go:

  1. “What/Who got you into reading?”  Excellent first question! We start at the beginning! I was often that child found alone on the play ground, not exactly fitting in with peers.  I was the youngest in my family, so I had more in common with those older than me.  Can you believe no one in my grade even knew what a Vulcan was?!  So, once I discovered reading, I was immediately addicted.  I can honestly say, I am a success story for Book-It.
  2. “Your first favorite book”…I so wish I could remember the name of it.  The plot line followed a young girl who was haunted by a ghost girl.  This ghost got up to all kinds on shenanigans, including stripping down to her undies in the front yard, making the human girl giggle when she was suppose to be in trouble, thus causing her to get an even harsher punishment.  It was such a cute story with a good lesson about choosing people in our lives that are good for us, not just fun, but I have lost the title or author in my memory since I read it in second grade, roughly 24 years ago. So if you know what that book is called, I would LOVE to know.  My second favorite was “Trouble with Trolls”.  Looking back, I sense a theme in my likes when it comes to literature…
  3. “Your current favorite books” Yikes, that ‘s a tough one.  My go-to is Harry Potter, hands down.  But barring that, I am also quite addicted to the Throne of Glass series.  Also, the Ghost Bird series…and Scarab Beetle….I’m currently reading “Jewel”….gah! See? It’s too hard! Have me solve algebra, instead! Standard of deviations, or something!!
  4. “Favorite book of all time?” Yeah, we just had this discussion.  There isn’t just one.  I can narrow the genre down to paranormal, though. That’s something, right?
  5. “Least favorite book of all time?” Damn, shit just got real.  There have been a few books where I’ve had to pry my eyes open and force myself to finish.  I end up cranky and unsatisfied.  Then there are the books that I just cannot make myself finish.  They are few and far between, because Momma didn’t raise no quitter.  One that comes to mind is “Coexist”, this book about fairies and humans and I don’t know what else. I got maybe a quarter of the way in and just couldn’t find it plausible.  Another was “Valentine’s Day Sucks”.  The concept was so freaking cool. But the delivery was so freaking flat, if I’d had a paper copy, I probably would’ve thrown it. It just wasn’t satisfying enough to close the damn tab to minimize the tiny book.

Well, that’s all for today.  The post was longer than I had wanted, but I’ve come to accept that’s just who I am. Til next time, nerds.

Yes, I’m *that* girl

       Occasionally as I’m scrolling through all the political rubbage on Facebook wall, there is occasionally someone who asks for book recommendations.  I do not think “normal people” understand how excited I get when this happens. Even my sweet husband got a rather comical look of alarm on his face the first time he witnessed this.  I get excited about my books the way some parents get about their kid’s sports pictures.  Perhaps I will be the same way once my kids get old enough for sports, but I’ll hold reservations on this…

So here’s the dilemma on this.  By recommending books, it’s almost a situation that makes me shy.  To me, I am revealing a lot about who I really am, and the books I choose to occupy my mind are like windows into that part of me.  When I read, I don’t have to answer to anyone for my choices.  I don’t have to be apologetic about reading YA Paranormal books where the chick is badass in a total Buffy way, and little After School Special like “Full House”.  I don’t have to be embarrassed for reading Anne Stuart, the amazing sex fueled Victorian pieces that tend to end up at the same destination, but with a different scenic route every time.  I can express my horror at the latest dystopian where technology has taken over humanity, or hide how I giggle at a psychic teenage goth boy talking to his arch nemesis who just happened to turn into a ghost (“Ghost and the Goth”, y’all, that’s where it’s at).

I find my self trying to play it safe, then half way through the already lengthy post I’m about to leave on a friend’s innocent post, I light that bitch up.  What good is it to read amazing books, get sucked into story after story, if there’s no one to talk to about it? If other’s can’t enjoy these worlds, too?  Maybe they will judge me.  Maybe they will hate my recommendations and never take book advice from me again.  But, just like knowing scientific facts, knowledge is best when it is shared.  They can either accept it, or reject it.

So, to my fellow book nerds, keep recommending.  Keep our favorite authors writing.  Allow your love of books to let other’s see into you, even the parts you didn’t set out to share with others.  Maybe it will open more doors for you.  And if they are truly a friend, they will recommend a good book back.

Bare with me!

So, yes, I know my posts are quite hectic.  They are messy and they are rushed, and it shows.

On any given day, I have approximately 5-7 minutes to write a post.  My husband, the wonderful, amazing creature that he is, seems to believe that this is enough time for me to write a perfectly perfect post, publish, AND lotion and clothes the little heathens after he has showered them in what I can only assume is a race for the world’s Fastest Showers in History.

Well, that’s my reasoning, or excuse, whatever you’d like to call it.  In the few minutes it took me to write this I have stopped 3 times because the one year old cannot go more than 1 unsupervised minutes without walking into door frames. I do mean that literally.  She is currently sporting a welt on her forehead and cheekbone.  Earlier, her brother convinced her it was okay to get on the bed, which she promptly rolled off of….over his legs….while trying to reach a hackey sack that was on the ground. So again, yes, I know these are scattered.  I know they may not even make sense at times.  But I’m trying.  I swear to you I am trying.  And I will get better if I have to be up at 3:30 am to proof read it all.

Alas, the creatures that live here are demanding food, and since it’s all cooked and ready on the table, I’m assuming they think that means it’s time to eat. Until next time, nerds.

Geeky Mom

Last night, as I was making a rather elaborate meal for  my husband and myself (homemade orange chicken….oh my Hades, it was wonderful) and I stumbled across a video by Mayim Bialik.  It was all about how she decided to be a geeky mom for her kids, and what that entails.  So I thought I may as well put this into my own perspective, write down the ways I intend to parent my children based off my childhood.

So here we go:

As a child, I was the youngest. Not only in my nucleus family, but in my larger family as well, until I was 9 years old and an older cousin had her first child.  My mother’s life did not happen at all the way she had envisioned it.  When she was still in college she married my brother’s father.  From the stories I’ve gleaned, there was quite a bit of conflict from day one, a lot of him drinking and sinking money into alcohol, gambling, and other women.  My mother quit college and got a job in retail, then had my brother. When he was just a few years old, his father left.  There are a few stories that go in this timeline here, but they are not my stories to tell, they are my mother’s.  Long story short, he left to be with another woman.  Along comes my dad, who sweep my mother off her feet, promising the world, as many womanizers do.  He was my father, but I have no delusions on who my daddy really was.  Not to sound repetitive here, but about the same thing happened.  Another layer to this was the abuse he doled out to my older brother.  Some call it parenting, I, and I’m sure my brother, call it abuse and preferential treatment.  I grew up with a father who attempted time and again to tell me that I was “better” than my brother.  Suffice it to say, my brother was quite angry with me for many years. Since growing up, we’ve both been able to recognize where our emotions really came from and have been able to move on.

That’s a quick synopsis of my childhood. This isn’t the happy times, the times we really felt like a family, the times mom made us homemade meals nightly and made us brush our teeth, or when our grandparents took us on vacation every year and taught us our work ethics on the farm or in the automobile shops.  It’s not the family game nights or the Christmas puzzles we did together. But it is the reasoning for so many of my choices as an adult.

Here’s how I would like to raise my children in the ways of the Geek…

  1. I want to read more to them.  I mean, we read.  And I definitely read.  But it’s always been more of a solitary endeavor, so realizing that the kids need me to read to them as well was actually a bit of a shock to me.  I don’t know why.  It’s not like kids are born knowing how to read, or even born loving books and knowledge.  This is learned behavior, and I am just the person to teach it to them.
  2. I’m going to remember to put down the whisk, or the spatula, or the broom, and play.  When my son runs into the room singing the latest version of the Five Nights At Freddy’s song at the top of the lungs and so quickly I can’t even catch the lyrics, I’m going to dance with him, and swing him around, and sing along if I can.  I’m NOT going to shush him and tell him to go to his room.
  3. We are going to be an outdoors family.  I mean, we already are, what with running a farm, you kind of have to be….but we are going to intentionally take our sword fights outside, and we are going to picnic, and swim, and build outdoor forts, quit possibly for some sort of dual or fight for kingdoms
  4. I’m going to show them all my nerdy shows I watched in high school but hid from even my closest of friends.  Buffy, Sabrina, Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers…..we are going to learn it all, read it all, and watch it all.  Then we are going to discuss it all, because it all has amazing life messages intertwined with really horrible graphics and witty one liners. But more importantly, I’m going to show them that there is nothing wrong with being a nerd, or a geek.
  5. I’m going to let them choose. If they want superhero stuff, by god that’s what there will be! If they want Princess stuff (even that pink, frilly stuff, and not a combat boot in sight) then I’ll so it all with a smile.  Name a theme and they will have it (for example, my 3 year old was Bonnie the Bunny for Halloween..creepiest fucking thing I’ve ever made).  I will never shame them for their likes or preferences. I know what that’s like and no child should ever feel that way.


Well the heathens are yelling so that’s all the time we have tonight.

“Ghost Bird”, to be continued…

From the very beginning, you need to realize that this series is not done.  The author, C. L. Stone, apparently has so many more adventures for our favorite characters to go on.  This series has gotten it’s hook in me, and I just can’t seem to shake it.  Though at times I roll my eyes, and at times it’s a bit juvenile, you must remember that I am a 31 year old lady with two small children, so to say that there are parts of me that I have forgotten as a teenager would be a rather obvious statement.  Quite frankly, I am envious of the authors who seem to nail exactly what it was like during that incredibly delicate and turbulent time that we’ve all experienced.  I’ve tried and tried and my protagonists just end up sounding snotty, or just too damn good and rational to be real.

So our story begins with a mousy little girl named Sang.  Through out the series, many make fun of this name, and other’s revere it.  There are some people, when you here their names, you look at them and think, “nope”.  Then there are other’s that you can smile and say, “That’s perfect”.  Sang, is somewhere in the middle.  For such a long time, she isn’t much of anything.  But being in the neutral middle ground, she almost becomes like smoke solidified. This entire series is interesting to me, in the sense that the main character shows so many signs and symptoms of being abused.  For years. To the point that she doesn’t even see how it has effected her and the relationships she refuses to forge with people around her. It also adds an interesting dynamic to the many relationships she ends up making with her new group.  I hesitate to call them her “saviors”, or “rescuers”, because she did quite a lot of rescuing of herself, even if she didn’t realize it at the time.

Sang is a 15/16 year old teenager who has been shackled to her home for a significant portion of her life.  Her sister, an absolute total twat, has also been kept at home, but likes to pretend Sang is invisible.  But to be fair, Sang tries to be invisible.  Life is simpler for her to haunt through her own life, drifting quietly from one situation to the next.  Sang seems to have learned from a young age that to be noticed, is to be punished.  A few times in the first couple of books, Sang is punished for things she either a) didn’t do, or b) had no control over.  When we are speaking punishments, we are not talking about being struck, or belted, as bad as those are.  No, we are talking about kneeling on rice or frozen peas, for HOURS.  Silently.  Most people would assume this is being done by the father, but they would be wrong.  These punishments are doled out by the evil mother, the woman who runs the house from her sick bed, while the father is off at “work”.

Sang has caught the attention of  group of boys. Not because she looks hot, although they all seem quite enamored from the beginning, but because they recognize the lost look to this girl.  I believe, even with out realizing it, Sang recognizes it in them, as well.  As she meets one boy after the other, all with in three years of her age, she gets sucked in further and further in their lives, only to realize that their lives are not normal.  Sweet, naïve Sang, so trusting of the boys, doesn’t know what “normal” looks like.  She’s never even had close friends or a functioning family, so when her new friends expect her to run screaming, then look at her in incredulity when she shrugs her shoulders and asks what for supper, she then becomes confused.  One thing I always find interesting about Sang is that she is rarely smug about how she amazed the boys.  Instead, she tends to spend hours with internal reflection, wondering why she doesn’t react the way they expected.  Is she broken? Should she fake the reaction and just make them think she was faking before? IS this the way normal girls would react? She continues to doubt everything about herself, continuously, even when these beautiful boys who have promised to always be by her side tell her she is unique and perfect.

As well as not knowing how to react in social situations, which are usual indications of Asperger’s, but in this situation has more to do with being completely isolated from peers and loving human contact, Sang does not know how to have any physical contact with others. Even the most simple of touches, during normal conversation, innocent hugging between best friends, is new territory for her.  Her entire life, all she has know is the touch of force.  Her mother forcing her to her knees on piles of rice, her sister biting her when they were younger….not once has she been hugged for a job well done or patted on the shoulder for being a good kid.  So when this very close knit group of boys, who have faced many dangerous situations together and therefore know very few boundaries with each other, treat her like one of the team, Sang further realizes how far from normal she is.  For a good portion of the existing series, Sang is tense, her stomach in knots, thinking of how to react if one of them reaches for her hand.  She immediately stops talking if they hug her.  She has to mentally talk herself into smiling if they even stand too close, which happens more times than it doesn’t.  As the series progresses, she begins to become more relaxed around the small physical signs of affection.  At times, she is even the first to reach for their hands. As time progresses, she even finds herself craving their closeness, which starts a whole new internal battle of “Is This Normal?” for her.  But overall, this small wisp of a girl, a warrior and a badass in her own right, still flinches when people move too quickly around her, and at time breaks down when other peers reach out for her.

Back to the kneeling, when upset, and feeling like the boys are upset by her, Sang reverts back to what she knows.  During one argument, Sang begins to get overwhelmed, feeling guilt over things she had no control over, boys are yelling all around her, one even yelling at her (he had feared for her safety and misdirected his angry voice), and down she went.  She knelt before them, in a completely submissive position.  What did the boys do? A lot of men could see this as a girl who just needed a strong man to take care of her.  A lot of men would look to take advantage of her in her vulnerable state.  Frankly, I was terrified for this character when this story began because I feared this was the story I was reading.  But I was so wrong.  Instead of telling Sang to get up, or taking advantage of her submissive position, these incredible boys, teenagers, dropped to her side, figuratively.  They blamed each other and they blamed themselves, but they all got to her level, and they helped her back up to theirs.  They made her aware, every second that they could, that she was an equal.  That she was worthy of, not them, but more than them, and more than they could ever give her.

This series has already gone through many ups and down, many believable and unbelievable plot twists, but always, at the heart of it, the love that’s in this book is tangible.  Whether it be siblings, lovers, or for society as a whole, there is so much to feel good about in this book, as well as in the series also by this author, “Scarab Beetle”.  IF you are interested in psychology, even as just a healthy past time, this book can give your brain plenty to chew on.  So many characters and characteristics to take out, turn in your head and look at from new angles.  I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for the next books.


*Obviously this is just a slight skimming of the main character.  We cannot go into deep  detail without some major Spoilers happening. Though no one is reading this blog now, if it is even stumbled on in the future, I’d like to let you discover all the wonderful developments that happen in this series.  It’s one of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

As it sits now, we have books 1-10 in the Ghost Bird series and books 1-5 in the Scarab Beetle series.  We are anxiously awaiting the late release of book #11 “Black and Green”, of the Ghost Bird series…